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Doctor Insectus


3 January
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In Sectus means 'cut into pieces' in Latin. And that's what I do: cut up other things to make new things. Might be a cicada cast, a tablet of silver or a fossilized piece of wood, but you can betcha there's some dissection behind every finished product.

I'm a writer of fiction and artist living in Melbourne. Making jewellery came very organically to me; after creating a few pieces by 'accident' I realised it was something I wanted to do long term. It's all a work in process, but some of the bits that crop up in the process are interesting, and they're for sale in my etsy shop @ http://insectus.etsy.com

I'm mad on Eastern European gypsy music and trashy French swashbucklers. I also like strangers who smile at you on the street, comfortable silences, fungus, goofy running children, getting lost, vertigo, and people who cry when they're happy.